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Fast Facts:

  • Average Depth: 10 ft. / 3 m
  • Max Depth: 15 ft. / 5 m


  • Artificial Reef
  • Good Snorkeling

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Royal Caribbean has deployed several Reef Balls to encourage new reef development and to provide a haven for marine life. Reef balls are made of special concrete and placed underwater to foster the growth of coral, algae, etc., so that there can be more habitats for fish. Crew members and the cruise line’s Aquatics Department are spearheading an initiative using concrete “reef balls” to rebuild a coral reef in the waters off CocoCay.

The balls look similar to giant wiffle balls, made of a marine-friendly concrete, measuring up to four feet across by three feet tall and weighing as much as 1,750 pounds.

The reef balls are deployed in two locations around CocoCay. These pictured here are placed in shallower waters near the Plane Wreck, closer to shore, to increase and enhance fish habitat and to act as a snorkeling path that leads guests to areas of interest.

Additional balls are placed in deeper waters to assist in coral propagation. These balls also will be seeded with coral plugs to further spur the coral reef’s growth.

For more information, visit, or read more here.

Waypoint: CCRFB1LatitudeLongitude
Degrees/MinutesN 25 49.250W 77 55.867
Degrees/Minutes/SecondsN 25 49 15.000W 77 55 52.020

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