Tampa / St. Petersburg

The Tampa area is world famous for spear-fishing. An abundance of large game fish such as, cobia, snapper, kingfish, bonito, mackerel and grouper, can be found in the Gulf waters. For those who don’t spear, there are oysters, scallops, stone crab and slipper lobster.

The Tampa area has one of the most extensive, well-maintained artificial reef systems in Florida. Reef building first began in the 1960s to improve the marine environment, encourage the growth of fish, and to provide areas for recreational diving and fishing. The reefs consist of bridge rubble, concrete culverts, specially constructed fish havens, shipwrecks and even army tanks.

The natural formations offshore of Tampa are limestone ledges that are the ancient shoreline of Florida. Currents have created deep undercuts where fish hide in huge schools. The ledges vary in height from 2-12 feet and are found at depths of 35-60 feet.