The Strip / The Line


Fast Facts:

  • Average Depth: 25 ft. / 8 m
  • Max Depth: 40 ft. / 12 m


  • Coral Reef
  • Mooring Buoys

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Just north of the channel between South and North Bimini is a narrow reef known as The Strip or Line. Plenty of marine life is packed onto this skinny strip of coral heads. It is a very colorful dive day or night. The Strip is a favorite of underwater photographers and a popular night dive for the Bimini dive charters.

The bottom is at 40 feet, but the coral and rocks extend up pretty high. Among the thousands of fish you may see octopus, Atlantic squid, eels, banded shrimp, crabs, lobster, rays, turtles, and nurse sharks. Fish that are in abundance include parrotfish, queen triggers, puffer fish and flounder hiding in the sand. Visibility is usually quite good.

Waypoint: BSTRIPLatitudeLongitude
Degrees/MinutesN 25 44.203W 79 18.161
Degrees/Minutes/SecondsN 25 44 12.180W 79 18 9.660

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