Queen Anne’s Revenge (Replica) – Bow


Fast Facts:

  • Average Depth: 10 ft. / 3 m
  • Max Depth: 15 ft. / 5 m


  • Wreck Site
  • Good Snorkeling

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Half-buried in the white sand, the bow of the Queen Anne’s Revenge lies only a short swim away from the rest of the site. Here you’ll find a replica of the bow protruding from the white sand, sporting a cannon on both her starboard and port sides. Nearby, you’ll also find one or two cannons in the sand and seagrass.

Waypoint: CCQAR2LatitudeLongitude
Degrees/MinutesN 25 49.200W 77 55.850
Degrees/Minutes/SecondsN 25 49 12.000W 77 55 51.000

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